Schwab Alliance

Eagle Harbor Asset Management has an alliance with Schwab Institutional, a division of Charles Schwab to provide custody and operational services for our clients. We utilize Schwab Institutional for these services because of the quality they provide. This includes Schwab’s technology, financial strength, and strong insurance protection for our clients’ assets. For those clients requiring a corporate trustee, please see our note under Trust Accounts.

Our clients are provided with password protected Internet access to view accounts online. Clients have the ability to write checks on the money market portion of their account, as well as use of a debit card if desired. The Schwab Moneylink feature allows us to transfer cash for our clients to another account with the same name, such as a bank checking account. Moneylink can also be used for bill paying. An Eagle Harbor portfolio manager serves as the contact person for accounts at Schwab, and these services are included in our fee.

Click here to view your portfolio on the Schwab Alliance web site.