Investment Management Services

Investment Management Solutions

At Eagle Harbor we tailor portfolios for our clients and design them to meet their individual objectives. Diversified portfolios are built upon sound principles with a long-term perspective.


  • Eagle Harbor is a Fiduciary. Loyalty, integrity, and professionalism are core values of the firm.
  • Extensive portfolio management experience with trusts, personal and retirement accounts.
  • Portfolios are constructed using a broad mix of investments, with a focus on individual equity and fixed income securities as opposed to mutual funds.
  • Significant attention is provided to a limited group of clients.
  • As an asset-based fee investment manager, the success at Eagle Harbor is tied exclusively to the success of each client’s portfolio.

Fees — Eagle Harbor Asset Management, Inc. is a fee only investment advisor. No commissions or referral fees are received. Fees are calculated based on a percentage of assets under management.

The Case for Separate Account Management

Customized Portfolios provide the opportunity to interact directly with the money management firm and have one’s investments “tailored” to suit specific risk tolerances, return objectives, cash flow needs, social value criteria, etc. Additionally, at the time of cash inflows, money that is managed on a separate-account basis is likely to be invested into those stocks that the portfolio manager finds the most attractive at that point in time.

Investment Reports on a regular basis are customized for each client. All security holding information, return data, etc. is for that specific portfolio and reflects the actual capital contributions and withdrawals for that client.

Investment Cash Flow — not needing to maintain significant cash positions in order to satisfy potential shareholder liquidations. This also minimizes the impact that the purchases and sales of other shareholders may have on one’s portfolio earnings.

Tax Returns can be analyzed for individual clients when making portfolio decisions. Each security transaction can be used to establish a separate cost basis. This can be advantageous for minimizing tax liabilities by strategically recognizing capital gains and losses, gifting, etc.

Cost Advantages are realized through the utilization of a separate account. For example, not only are the investments not subject to loads and 12b-1 fees, but other costs (management, administration, trading, custody, etc.) are often minimized.